About Us

You might be aware of the fact, that modern trend in the field of construction is to have light weight structure, which should be durable,sustainable,immune to weather conditions and could be erected in less time.

All developed countries like England,Europe,Austrailia and United states of America have already adopted the same technology which is known as cold rolled frame structure.

In Pakistan “The EreKtors” constructors and fabricators started construction with same technology in the earthquake effected areas like Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Mansehra and helped them by constructing hundreds of houses and schools there.

Our construction meets the international standard, the client have the choice from multiple variations in the design, outerside and innerside material, painting and finishing touch according to their requirements and with in the budget.

These structures are best suited for hilly areas, Temporary sites where the construction is needed for short duration of time and the piece of the land or roof/terrace which can not bears the heavy load of conventional construction, also it can be easily shifted once a project is completed.

Please feel free to contact us for discussing you about construction and for more information, sample room is also available for demonstration in Sector I-9/4 Islamabad.

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